Club Policies - Disciplinary Procedures

Chepstow RFC Disciplinary Procedure


The WRU require each Club to appoint a disciplinary panel charged with responsibility for maintaining standards of discipline within the Club. The Disciplinary Committee shall, therefore, have jurisdiction to hold inquiries and impose punishments over any club player, coach member, official or supporter, such jurisdiction to be exercised where:


  1. A player has been dismissed from the field of play be a referee
  2. A player has been cited for foul play
  3. A player, official, member or supporter is reported, in writing, for misconduct whilst he or she is on the club premises or deemed to be representing the club elsewhere.

Constitution of the Committee


The Disciplinary Committee shall be chaired by a member of the Club Committee appointed by the Club Chairman and consist of:


  • A senior member of the committee for any non-playing member
  • The Chairman of Selectors, Coach or Team Captain for any senior player
  • The Chairman of Selectors, Coach or Team Captain for any youth player or parent of
  • The Chairman of the Mini and Junior Section of the club for any mini or junior player or parent of
  • A Secretary to take minutes and actions



Notification of the hearing shall be sent to the member involved detailing the charge or allegation and notifying the date, time and place of the hearing. The notice should be accompanied by:


  1. A copy of any referees report (where available), citing or complaint
  2. A copy of any statement from witnesses (where available)
  3. A notice that the recipient is entitled to bring witnesses to the hearing


Where possible, the hearing shall be held within 7 days of the alleged incident.



The Hearing




  1. The player/member shall attend in person unless he/she can show to the Chairman sufficient reason not to do so.
  2. Youth, junior and mini players must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. In the case of mini, junior or youth players, the players head coach shall also be in attendance
  4. If the player/member does not attend, the committee may deal with the matter in his/her absence.



  1. The chairman shall explain the allegations and read any written referees report, citing or complaint.
  2. The player/member shall be asked if the allegations are admitted and whether he wishes to call or give evidence.
  3. The committee may question the player/member and any witnesses and
  4. The player/member shall be entitled to address the Committee himself.
  5. All present shall then retire and the committee shall consider its decision.
  6. The decision, and any sanctions imposed, shall be notified to the player/member, at the hearing.
  7. Written confirmation of the Committee’s decision and any sanction imposed shall be sent to the player/member and, as appropriate, to the players’ coach, the District representatives, the WRU and any complainant.




In deciding the case and imposing sanctions, the Committee shall have regard to the WRU’s Disciplinary Regulations and the recommended penalties and mitigating factors therein. The committee shall have power to impose the following penalties:


  1. A determination that any sending off was sufficient punishment
  2. A caution or reprimand.
  3. A period of suspension from the club or all or any of its facilities.
  4. A period of suspension from playing or coaching or any other activity of the club.


The Disciplinary Committee’s finding and sanctions will be binding on an individual, subject only to an appeal direct to the Club Committee.


The Disciplinary Committee’s findings shall be reported back at the next Club Committee meeting

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” JIM ROHN