Club Policies - Code of Conduct

Chepstow RFC Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct has been approved by the General Committee and has been written for the benefit of our players, coaches, spectators, patrons of our clubhouse and members. Whatever your level of involvement in Chepstow RFC, we would ask that you familiarise yourself with and adhere to the Code.

Chepstow RFC Code of Conduct


  • Play for enjoyment and become part of the rugby family
  • Respect the “Game of Rugby” and play within the laws of the Game.
  • Accept the referee’s decision and let your captain or coach ask any relevant questions.
  • Play with control, do not lose your temper; Always do your best and be committed to the game, your team and your club.
  • Respect your opponent. Treat all players as you would like to be treated.
  • Rugby is a team sport; make sure you co-operate with your coach; team mates and members of your club.
  • At the end of the match thank your opponents and the referee for the match.
  • Winning and losing is part of sport: Win with humility; lose with dignity.
  • As part of the team it is important that you attend training regularly; listen to your coach and help your team.
  • Remember you are representing your team, club, family and the Game of Rugby.
  • Respect your club facilities; dispose of your litter from the pitches or changing area e.g. plastic bottles, tape and bandages in the bins provided.
  • Leave the changing rooms/toilet facilities in the condition you would like to find them on your next visit.
  • Support and adhere to the WRU equity statement.


  • Lead by example; players need a coach whom they respect. Inform your players that the Laws of the Game are mutual agreements which no one should evade or break.
  • Develop player and team respect for the ability of opponents, as well as for the judgement of referees and officials.
  • Insist on fair and disciplined play. Do not tolerate foul play, fighting or foul language.
  • Ensure a safe environment in which to train and play.
  • Never criticise the referee and touch judges during or after a match in front of players or spectators.
  • Always thank the match officials and if they have made decisions which require clarification, discuss privately.
  • Seek and follow the advice of a doctor/medic in determining when an injured player is ready to play again as per IRB guidelines.
  • Ensure that proper equipment and facilities are available at all times.
  • Ensure you and your players are proud of your team, club and efforts during the season.
  • Ensure that the club facilities/changing rooms are treated with respect, free from damage and left the way you would expect to find them on your next visit.
  • Report any incidences of damage to the Committee.
  • Support and ensure that the WRU Equity Statement is adhered to.


  • Do not use profane language or harass referees, players, coaches or visiting spectators.
  • Applaud good play by the visiting team as well as your own.
  • Show respect for your team’s opponents and match officials. Without them there would not be a match.
  • Condemn the use of violence in all forms at every opportunity.
  • Do not verbally abuse players or referees in any shape or form.
  • Dispose of your litter in the bins provided.
  • Support and ensure that the WRU Equity Statement is adhered to.

Patrons of our Clubhouse:

  • Respect the fixtures and fittings of the clubhouse.
  • Welcome and show respect to visitors.
  • Do not behave in any way that will bring Chepstow RFC into disrepute.
  • Keep the clubhouse tidy and use the bins provided.
  • Report any damage/defects to the Committee.
  • All persons, particularly parents or guardians responsible for the safety of children, should acquaint themselves and their child with potentially hazardous areas.

All Members:

  • Pay your subscriptions promptly.
  • Support social and fund-raising events organised by Chepstow RFC.
  • Play your part in off-the-pitch activities such as cleaning the clubhouse, organizing social events and other projects.
  • Support and ensure that the WRU equity statement is adhered to