22 June 2020 / Club News


Club Update

The Committee thought it would be good to give everyone an update on the club and rugby activities.

The single most asked question currently, is ‘Will the club survive, financially, through the current pandemic?’

The WRU asked us recently, in their Club Impact Survey, in the currently climate, was the Club viable for the next 6 months, we answered Yes, and we are.

We have furloughed our staff, our biggest single outgoing; we have reduced costs as much as possible, renegotiating our Gas, telephone and Broad band costs; and apply for grants that are available to us. Brennig Southway our Treasurer has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are as lean as possible. But we do still have monthly outgoings such as Gas, Electricity and insurance, that must be paid monthly.

The WRU are supporting grass root clubs and have ring fenced £11.8 million. They have given all clubs an additional grant and made the last payment of grant money for season 20019/20 in April, as planned. They are also providing weekly updates and support for clubs, including further grant opportunities and information.   

So, with no income coming in and some things still being paid, yes, we are losing money every month, but the good news is we have money in the bank and hopefully the current situation won’t last forever.


The next biggest question is ‘When will we be able to play rugby again?’

The WRU latest update is below, Re Community Game Planning (June 17th, 2020)

Around 82% of clubs have already nominated a Club Operations Manager, who will help manage all protocols for returning to play locally as advice from Welsh Government and the Public Health Board evolves, and the WRU are grateful for the swift response in each case.

The first webinar open to all member clubs, to explain the Club Operations Manager role and talk through plans to return to train and play was hosted by the WRU Return to Rugby Working Group on the evening of Monday 15th June, with nearly 300 individuals tuning in, including Club Operations Managers representing their clubs and a host of other stakeholders. A second was hosted on Thursday 18th June.

As stated in this webinar, it is now clear that the community season won’t start in September, but ALL options remain in consideration, whether that is October, December or January starts for the game (we don’t know when it will start yet, but it won’t be September). The season will look different when it returns, and that there will be an emphasis on returning safely and staying local when fixtures are drawn up.

The WRU will continue to work very closely with the Welsh Government and other sports governing bodies and will update clubs each time the Welsh Government issues a new three-week plan to describe how this affects rugby in Wales.

A key ambition for the community game in Wales is that the WRU wants to be part of the solution and not part of the problem in spreading the disease and will therefore not do anything to compromise public health.

There are four clear caveats to the resumption of rugby in Wales:
- Public Health and Government authorities allow a return
- Public health services aren’t compromised
- Clubs have time to educate & prepare facilities
- Players have an appropriate re-conditioning period
- Contact tracing

Contact tracing will be key – it will be vital to complete an online World Rugby module before returning to play, AND symptom checks will need to be completed even before leaving the house to train on EACH occasion. The pre-training symptom checker will probably be found on Game Locker. Training registers will also need to be maintained.

It is also clear that, after the longest time away from rugby in their lives, for many players there will need to be a period of conditioning before resumption and the WRU’s strength and conditioning leads will supply training plans for the community game at the appropriate time.

There will be other measures and the WRU will help clubs to be prepared in each eventuality, such as if elements of rugby allowed before club houses are allowed to open.

The WRU will run through every step of the facilities process and are also working closely with their insurers so that when rugby does resume, clubs have full cover.

Detailed Community Return to Rugby Guidelines will be issued in the coming weeks as advice changes, but please continue to follow Welsh Government guidelines closely in all instances.

This is all the information I have at the moment. Please consider it as the bare bones, and the meat will be added in due course and communicated accordingly, so your patience is appreciated.

The two people nominated for Chepstow RFC, as Club Operations Managers, are Paula Lewis and Ashley Mustoe. They will both be working with the WRU and the Club, to get rugby back as safely as possible. As we know more, they will be updating all coaches, players and parents regularly.

But the overall news is we will not be starting the season in September.  


Another question that is being asked is ‘Can I train at the club?’


Again, from the WRU, Re Community Rugby

Stay fit but Stay Safe

The safety of all involved is the priority when developing and delivering these guidelines.

“Until that time, we urge everyone within the game to stay fit and active within the phased approach taken by Welsh Government.”

Key latest info in relation to Welsh community rugby:

• From Monday 1 June, all players, coaches and referees, in line with the rest of Welsh society are now able to train outdoors with members of their household and one other household, within five miles of their home.

• The two metre social distancing rule is still in place regarding members of another household – no physical contact is permitted – check out the WRU’s Stay Active programmes for guidance

• Personal hygiene is as important as ever. Wash hands regularly and do not share any training equipment – balls, cones etc – with members of another household. Do not share drinks bottles.

• All indoor club facilities remain closed in line with government guidance

• All club-owned rugby pitches also remain closed while organised rugby activity is suspended

So, the answer to the question is, yes you can stay fit, as long as the guidelines are in place. However, until the guidelines change no team or small group training is allowed.


Another question that has been asked is ‘When will the AGM be?’

Due to the current unprecedented times, we find ourselves in and the current guidelines from the Welsh Assembly, the committee has made the decision to cancel this years AGM.

The plan would be to run season 2019/20 and 2020/21, as one season, thus holding the AGM for both years in June 2021.

Any committee members whose period of office would require re-election to the committee for the forth coming year and are happy to continue in their role will automatically be re-elected. This decision will be ratified at the first available full committee meeting of the year. Any vacancies or interested parties, will be discussed at that first meeting and co-opted on to the committee if appropriate.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin Body, Vice Chairman and Helen Peebles, ex Treasurer, for their time and long service to the club as they both stand down as committee members. With either of their efforts and hard work the club would not be in the position it is today.

We would also like to thank Andy Hossack, Head of Mini’s and Juniors, who is standing down from this position but continuing the committee. This role will now be filled by Ben Smith.    

Club accounts will be available for all members once signed off by the accountants and returned to the committee.


The other question, we are being asked regularly is ‘What can I do to help?’

Firstly, thank you for supporting the Club, Chepstow RFC wouldn’t have been here for the last 150 years without its players and supporters.

However, there are several things people can do to support the club today.

Players stay fit, start some pre-season fitness, within the WRU guidelines.

Coaches keep your teams engaged, we need players ready and wanting to come back to play for us.

All, we are looking to undertake maintenance at the club, safely with all social distancing in place. We are planning a maintenance day on Saturday 4th July.  We need people with petrol stimmers please.

The job list consists of strimming down the whole length of the hedge, strimming the pitch sides and the tree area between the carpark and the mini pitch; weeding the crazy paving along the front of the club; cleaning all the clubs guttering; painting the outside of the club, the road side and the hall window frames on the same side; cleaning the changing rooms; removing tiles and skimming the back changing room, before it is then painted; painting the rails around the main pitch; staing the good picnic tables on the patio. Plus, we are also planning to render the wall around the patio and we have some taps that need replacing in the toilets.    

I know some people are currently not at work, so if any one person wants to take on a job or a team want to take on a job, please let us know.

From a Covid 19 position, any work taken on at the club, must be done following all guidelines set out by the Welsh Government, if you can provide your own tools, stimmers/paintbrushes etc.

We will possibly need to purchase some paint etc, so again, if you can let me know what you can help with we can ensure the right products are purchased (within our very small budget 😊)

We will also be asking for membership, as normal at the beginning of September. We hope people will understand, that their membership funds may help the club survive that little while longer and without it we will struggle more financially. We are looking at a new way of paying, that I will update you all on nearer the time.  

I hope this has been helpful and that it has answered some, maybe not all burning questions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or queries,



Anna Hossack              

Hon. Secretary

Chepstow RFC



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