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Match Report
25 March 2019 / Team News

Match Report - Chepstow RFC U9 v Cinderford RFC U9

Match Report:            24 Mar 2019 – Chepstow v Cinderford (Home)

Spring had finally landed on this sunny Sunday as Chepstow took on Cinderford in their second test of the season.  A 11:00 kick off had the team assembled and working hard a good half hour before kick off, with Steve and Phil working their usual magic when I (Rob) turned up fashionably late.  Their focus on catch pass, moving the ball wide and creating space over the last few weeks looked to have paid off as the team were well drilled and ready to play.

With Flynn as captain today and a solid team of 12 players the game started with Cinderford.  They immediately took the initiative and made a direct attacking run but took it to touch for the first turnover of the match.  Chepstow at the restart moved the ball to Otis who spotted a lovely gap and then bust Cinderford’s defensive line for his first try of the match.

At the restart Cinderford looked strong with some big powerful players testing Chesptow’s defence.  Strong tackles from Jonty on the ‘big lad (11)’, then Flynn, Otis, Flynn again in the centre of the field before the pressure eventually paid off with the ‘fast lad (7)’ scoring the first for Cinderford – 1 try all.

With the game back in full flow the teams looked pretty evenly matched, back and fore the pressure was exerted on both sides but Chespstow had the edge with a splendid run through the Cinderford defence by Harry.  Chepstow were in their 22 and spreading the ball wide to gain the advantage.  A few crushing tackles were followed by desperation from Cinderford putting 4 in the tackle to stop Chepstow resulting in a penalty try.  2 – 1.

Cinderford got us going again charging through, but ran into Otis who threw in some killer tackles to take the opposition back a good 10 yard.  Cinderford quickly got themselves back together though with the ‘fast lad’ breaking through two missed tackles for his second of the game.  2 – 2 and this game is looking good.

Chepstow showed their resolve from the restart to push themselves up to the Cinderford try line but a 6 tackle turnover halted progress.  Cinderford’s attack came quickly with Tomas B putting in a massive tackle on ‘the fast lad’ into touch.  Turnover put the ball in Chepstow hands with some great lateral rugby on show. Passes out wide to Tomas B had him a foot from the line with a pop pass to Otis to run in another try 3-2 to Chepstow…..Great pressure rugby taking us into half time.

Chepstow got us started in the second half with Will D up the middle passing to Will A putting the pressure on immediately.  A flurry of solid passes before some poor discipline from Chepstow and a forward pass leading to a turnover.  The next few minutes of defensive rugby was superb.  Tackles from Jonty, Flynn, Tomos B, Will D, Osian, Zack, Xander… everyone!!  The pressure resulted in a turnover and a Chepstow back on the attack with Flynn and Osian running into traffic.  A knock on from Chepstow led to another turnover where Cinderford took the initiative with some great runs to put in another try. 3-3.

At the restart the Chepstow team seemed to lack concentration with more handling errors and an eventual turn over. Back in defence mode, Flynn took down the ‘Big Lad’ before Xander put in a big tackle on the ‘fast lad’ but Cinderford are relentless and put themselves back in the Chepstow 22.  The next few phases were sloppy with multiple turnovers on both teams due to handing off before Cinderford were back on the attack.  More big tackles from Flynn, Jonty, Xander, but the ‘Fast lad’ went through another 2 missed tackles to score another try.  4-3 Cinderford….. But…. At the restart Zach attack went frequency-wild and went on a blistering run up the middle breaking 4 tackles to nail his first tray of the match 4-4... we needed that!

This was a busy half, and at the restart Cinderford went on the rampage to score another try of the back of 5 missed tackles from Chepstow. (Correction – Phil B says six missed tackles, that’s not ok! 5 - 4 Cinderford) 

We’re off again, and Will D is smashing through the middle with a tidy little off load.  Xander breaks through four players to run in a cracking try in what has become a close contest.  5-5. There were many positives in this half, but the vision and timing of Will A was a highlight. Direct running and sweet off load to Jonty showcased their team work and new skills developed in training over the last few weeks.

With Chepstow just falling short of the line, it was Cinderford again on the attack, with some big tackles flying in – Will D took down ‘the big lad’ twice on the bounce before he ran in a try to make it 6-5. At the end of the second half.  We need a pep talk!!

And, so we’re in the final half with Cinderford on the attack, a try saving tackle from Otis with an amazing run back to catch the ‘fast lad’ he’s not happy! – They’re still going before Otis gets back and tackles another player to touch ‘wait- ref must be cr@p, missed his own boy tackling the player to touch’.  Never mind though, the pressure in the tackle forced a knock on before Chepstow took the next try with Otis bagging another one 6-6. 

At the restart Cinderford don’t know what to do with our impregnable defensive line – 6 tackle turnover. It’s Otis again and he takes it back inside for another try. 7- 6.  The pep talk seems to have done the trick.  Now it’s all Owen at the restart dancing his way around players who can’t seem to get a hold on him – he’s in the corner and it’s 8-6.

This half is all Chepstow with crushing tackles coming in from all over the place and Cinderford being taken back in the tackle despite their size and power.   Osian, Xander, Otis, Tomas Will have all put in amazing tackles.  The defensive line looked great but 2 in the tackle in the dying moments allowed Cinderford to get a penalty try. 8-7 Chepstow. 

And that’s it people.  What a game, Chepstow ended it on the Cinderford try line and narrowly missed another. what a game, I’m exhausted.

Player of the match:  Otis for determination, and match winning tackles and tries and; 

Jonty for consistently solid tackling and offloads as per our training theme over the last two weeks.


  • Expansive passing, moving the ball across the line and offloading in the tackle.
  • Some great individual tackling from some players
  • Individual play was complimented by great team work.

Development areas:

  • Tackling the big guys – Technique needed to keep it low and safe.
  • That’s it – they played awesome, all of them!

Neither Chepstow RFC or U8 Coaching Staff confirm the accuracy of this match report.


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