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31 March 2019 / Team News

Chepstow RFC U9 v Llandaff North RFC U9 – Match Report

Match Report:           31 Mar 2019 – Chepstow v Llandaff North (Home)

The under 9’s came up against an unknown-quantity today in Llandaff North who were returning from tour.  Always good to play a new team, and particularly rewarding for the players as they approach the end of a great season.

It was a dry but overcast mother’s day, with mums on the side line looking radiant after their breakfast in bed and general pampering, but enough of that, there’s some rugby to play.

With Otis as captain after his player of the match last week our intrepid 10 players got started.  Amelie kicked off as scrum half, and Chepstow immediately made ground towards the Llandaff 22.  It was a simple handling error to follow that gave Llandaff the ball, opening up to run a try in against the momentum of the play. 1-0 Llandaff North.

At the restart Chepstow took the initiative and made some ground.  Solid passing and direct running from the team resulted in the first try for Chepstow by Zack.  1-1. 

Before the restart Harry came off and Tomos Barker came on the field and immediately set about crashing the Llandaff defence with some direct running.  Llandaff had the majority of ball for about 5 minutes, but the Chepstow defensive line was outstanding today.  Crushing tackles from Otis, Amelie, Flynn and Zach sent the attacking side backwards. Defensive pressure resulted in a turn over to Chepstow after 6 text book tackles. 

With ball in hand Chepstow looked unstoppable and it was Will D who ran in the second try for Chepstow 2-1.  Chepstow remained solid in defence for the remainder of the first half but failed to capitalise on their turnovers due to a few basic handling errors. 

Following half time, Llandaff North got started and looked fierce in attack, Harry re-joined and immediately set about supporting his team mates.  The momentum was with Llandaff initially but their speedy runners came up against a brick wall with the U9s defence this half.  Big tackles and pressure from Will, Tomos and Tomas Br forced errors from Llandaff resulting in a turnover.  It wasn’t long before a knock on from Chepstow resulted in a Llandaff scrum and they were back on the attack.  Tomas Br and Will D were everywhere with a flurry of great tackles to keep Llandaff from gaining ground.  More big tackles flying in resulted in another 6 tackle turnover. 

Owen got us started at scrum half, and Chepstow went on the attack, they were not moving the ball as well this half, but pass and crash from Tomas Br, Tomos and Will D was doing the job and it was Tomas Br who ran in the third try.  3-1 Chepstow.

The Chepstow defence was relentless as Llandaff went back on the attack with big tackles flying in. the pressure once again forced errors, and Will D took advantage with a direct run to score Chepstow’s fourth.  4-1.  This was to be the final try of the second half with coaches happy to play a third 10 minutes of rugby.

Following some inspirational words from coaches the team got started, minus Otis Smith, who had mothers’ day priorities to attend to.  Chepstow looked a little tentative at the restart but a wide pass from Amelie and a burst from Flynn got us in the Llandaff 22 before an offload to Zach who was unstoppable at that range.  5-1 Chepstow.

It was looking to be whitewash when Llandaff North energised and got some fast players to break Chepstow’s defensive line for the first time this match.  2Llandaff tries were to follow in as many minutes putting the score to 5-3.  Chepstow set about strengthening their defence with solid tackles from Will A who following some quick decision making was just about denied a try in the corner.  Llandaff hit back again bringing the score to 5-4.  This’s getting close.

Chepstow got back in the game, digging deep and bring some tries of their own.  A try from Tomas Br first with an offload from Will D took it to 6-4 and then our other enforcer Tomos Barker charged the Llandaff defence with 3 players hanging off him to take his first try.  7-4 Chepstow.  Llandaff hit back with another to take it to 7-5 but that was their lot.  The remainder of the third half was all about the Chepstow defence with tackles flying in from everywhere.  Will A committed to two big tackles before hurting his neck and having to sit out the last few minutes.  The momentum of play was switching back and fore in this half but ended with the final attack from Chepstow.  Will D stepped up for a superb run supported by Flynn and Harry to gain a lot of ground in the dyeing moments before running in another try to end the match 8-5.  What a game, well done everyone for working so hard to take the win.

Player of the match:  Will Davies for immense work rate both in defence and attack.


  • What a defence!!!!!!
  • Tracking back to deliver some try saving tackles
  • Pass and crash attack made ground

Development areas:

  • Less expansive passing than previous games.
  • Still room to improve basic handling skills and unforced errors (knock ons).

Neither Chepstow RFC or U8 Coaching Staff confirm the accuracy of this match report.

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