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Match Report
04 December 2018 / Team News

Match Report - Chepstow RFC u9 v Abergavenny RFC u9

Match Report:            02 Dec 2018 – Chepstow v Abergavenny (Home)

Team: Tomas ©, Otis, Flynn, Will A, Will D, Zach, Xander, Osian, Owen, Harry, Jonty

Fresh off some tough games Chepstow U9s had their first test this season with Abergavenny. The teams know each other well having clashed a number of times over the last two seasons.  I remember the first match where these U7s were fighting in a tent, and their last match when they were scrapping under the trees with sticks.  With no love lost, this grudge match would not disappoint.

And so with the rain drumming on my Mary Poppins umbrella we were off.  Aber pressed straight into the Chepstow defence and broke through the first wave, but Will A put a tasty tackle in to drop the larger player in text book fashion. Recycling the ball quickly, Aber were off again and this time there was little in the Chepstow arsenal to slow them down.  What’s that? First try Abergavenny – No 14.  What happened there then!

Up we get and off we go again.  Chepstow make a nice run off the start with Tomas B breaking through the line like a Fujian, but nay, eagle eyed ref Ben pulled him up for a cheeky handoff. Turnover to Aber and they’re back on the attack.  Fast hands and direct running to pierce the Chepstow defence yet again, but an error in handling puts the ball back in Chepstow hands.  What will we do with it? Not a lot, a few wild passes and a knock on later we are scrumming down with an Aber put in.  In, out, shake it all about and Aber are making their way to the line for their second try.  No 13 again.

With some antipathy, Chepstow reassemble at the start line.  Otis pops to Tomas, and Tomas breaks the Aber defensive line; he pops to Will D who looks left, looks right and flings it wide to Otis. What’s this I see, Chepstow’s first try? They have woken up with a pearler, well done Otis.

At the restart Aber put it straight to their no 14 who had been running through the Chepstow defence with some ease.  Four missed tackles later its Aber’s third try in wet and slippery conditions.  We were on the back foot! A tricky restart with some wayward passing put the ball in the mud and within Aber’s reach.  No 13 was on it like a shot, and off he went for try number four.  Quite the player, but this is proving to be a tough day at the office for Chepstow. There was little left of the first half when Chepstow knocked it on at the restart, “slippery balls” I hear you say, or is there catch-pass drills in these boys futures… I think so. Some loose hands from Aber puts the ball with Xander who takes off like a rocket towards the line. A glorious try just before ref Ben blew up to close out a challenging first half.  4 to 2 in Abergavenny’s favour.

Coach Steve delivered the half time analysis to the team, and wrapped it into braveheartesque motivational speech.  With fire in their belly’s they kicked off the second half with renewed energy. Ball went left off the start and found Flynn who blasted down the line with two Aber players hot on his tail.  Sneaky step inside between them and that’s Chepstow’s third try in the bag.  Better!  4 to 3.

Aber’s off quickly at the start, but what’s that? A crushing tackle on no 13 from Otis that made the side-line gasp.  ‘Wait til he’s full size’.  The ball came loose and Tomas B is all over it.  He’s off at pace but Aber No 13 is back in the game and hits Tom into touch with some force.  It’s on!  Turn over ball and 13 is making ground but wait, Tomas returns the hit with a blinding textbook tackle.  This is a better half! 

The ball again comes loose after some slippery hands from Aber and Xander puts in a flurry of big tackles to force the steal for Chepstow.  It’s Otis this time making ground through the Aber defensive line before 13 puts a tackle like the great Sébastian Chabal. Ouch!  Aber built on this to camp on the Chepstow line and a penalty try is awarded as on the 6th tackle Chepstow put 3 players into the tackle and thus giving Aber their fifth try, that’s 5 to 3 but the game isn’t over yet.

With the whistle looming Chepstow raced to the restart. Some wide passing, gave space to Otis who made a beautiful piercing run through the Aber defence.  With 10 yards to go Aber got a tackle in to deny the try in the final seconds, but wait, Tom Briley is at his side and a perfect offload puts him across the Line.  The crowd erupts the whistles blown, what a game!  Well done both teams for some fantastic rugby, I can’t wait for the next match, its great to see these little ones become Rugby players!


  • Big textbook tackles.  More expansive passing to move the ball across the line.
  • Good speed and direct running
  • The team kept their composure and worked hard despite a tough first half.

Development areas:

  • Catch-pass (despite the slippery conditions)
  • Avoid the gang-tackle.

Try Scorers: Otis, Xander, Flynn, Tomas

Player of the Match: Otis

Neither Chepstow RFC or U8 Coaching Staff confirm the accuracy of this match report.

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