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Match Report
11 March 2018 / Team News

Match Report - Clifton RFC u8 v Chepstow RFC u8

Match Report: 11 Mar 2018 – Chepstow v Clifton (away)

Neither Chepstow RFC or the U8 Coaching Staff confirm the accuracy of this match report.

On this day over all others the odds were against us with only six intrepid young men prepared to venture to foreign lands and face a capable opposition. Outnumbered three-to-one, good odds for any welsh-man, the brave six faced down the competition who by now were gripped by fear at the prospect of three games against the six. Phil Briley commented that such a spectacle had not been seen in recent times; I heard him cry “not since Sparta’s 300 faced Xerxes' hordes at the battle of Thermopylae” … he scowled and took a sip of his mead.

And so, the brave six faced down Clifton’s Eighteen in three epic matches. The first set the tone for the rest with a fast and compelling game. Chepstow’s Six demonstrated their flair in attack, and control in defence, making it a hard match for Clifton who, by now, were feeling the pressure of the game. Steve Ramsey let loose a hardy war cry! – inaudible due to his passion, but assumed to be a declaration of thanks for the unrivalled coaching that had been delivered to the team. It echoed across the field as the Chepstow Six turned possession into points. Chepstow were victorious against resolute opposition. Tries from Owen (2), Tomas (2), James (1) and Flynn (2) took the win by one.

The Second match followed, and built upon the performance seen in the previous. Individual examples of tagging commitment and skill, were now on show from the whole team. They moved as a single line to overwhelm their opposition and gain the advantage by turning over on 7 tags. Captain Briley had been relentless in the first match, and showed no sign of stepping off the gas here with his furious tagging. The whole team showcased great resolve and tagging prowess, turning over a team that hadn’t seen that happen all season according to their coach. Cheers and applaud from the Chepstow side-line spread; winning over a hostile crowd – (Much like Balboa during the fight against Ivan Drago in Rocky 4) – indeed the Head of Rugby at Filton College was heard cheering “great play” from Chepstow’s-brave-six. Once again Chepstow were victorious by one score, with Tries from Owen (1) Tomas (4) and Flynn (2).

And so to the final showdown. Clifton’s army of eighteen…. ‘well 6 of them anyway’… were quick to take the initiative with some forceful attacks on the Chepstow defensive line. It was not found wanting however, with the same rigorous tagging and forceful running in equal measure. The highlight of the third match, came in spite of tired legs from the Six. Direct running and solid support play put players in the right place at the right time, and made for some fantastic phases of flowing rugby. The whole team Tomas, Tomos, Owen, Flynn, James, and Will provided great support that made for a stylish game. And so, the Chepstow-six reigned victorious by two scores, with tries from each of the players: Tomos (1) Flynn (1) Owen (2) Will (1) James (1) and Tomas (1). Once clear of his tears, Phil Briley was heard to say “they showed us that the future is brighter than anything we can imagine” – Tales to be told in the Coach at half-time.

A great morning of Rugby, Thanks to all who made it (and Amelie Wixey for scores)

The Clifton coaches looked after us well, and commented positively on our teams’ behaviour and aptitude for the game. ‘Best try all season’ was one of a number of plaudits for our young-uns.

Man of the match: - Capt. Tomas ‘the tagger’ Briley


  • Pushing up as a single line.
  • Direct running and supporting play
  • Furious tagging and commitment.

Development areas:

  • Communication and feedback amongst players
  • Finding and using space.
  • Listening to referee when tags called (don’t run on).
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